Purpose | Who We Are

There is huge collective intelligence amongst this community. And so the purpose of this resource is to set our collaborative sights on tackling an area that is lacking in focus. Neurorehabilitation for brain cancer patients is acknowledged but there is still a long way to go in terms of funding research grant rounds and in recognising the value that interventions can bring to quality of life. Already we have identified that there is scope to do further work on service specification, on standardised holistic needs assessment and on research funding. We'd like to hear from you what your priorities are and where your research interests lie. And this is one of the purposes of this site. Equally important though are the needs to:

Identify the needs, formulate processes and begin to address the real issues that our patients and their carers face in living with a brain tumour diagnosis

Create space for a group of like minded people to meet, all of whom have an interest in rehabilitative and neuropsychosocial care for people and carers who are living with a brain tumour diagnosis

Share collective intelligence.